In the last year, I have been delving more and more into Rauch Biers, often times falling in love with the ones I try.  This recipe came from the BYO article that published the GABF winners. These beers both spent 23 days in their respective casks

Scotch Barrel Rauch (left) vs Evan Barrel Rauch (right)

The scotch Barrel Rauch Bier:

Apperance: A little cloudy and not clear enough to see through.  The color is a wonderful amber brown

Nose:  Big time oak, Ham, and an odd spearmint hint to the nose

Taste: The front is very smooth, with a smokey, oaky finish.  The scotch character is present throughout, but is always a pleasant highlight that doesn’t get in the way.  The oak and the smoke go great together

Overall: A long flavor with a  smooth sweetness, but a dry finish at the end. Add this one to the “must do again list”

9.5/ 10

The Evan Bourbon Rauch Bier:

Appearance: a darker amber color than the scotch barrel

Nose: the scent of bourbon is significant in the nose.  Underneath that, there is some malty scents showing up, but barely getting past the bourbon

Taste: A subtle cloying character and the flavors do not seem to blend well. Their is a slight tartness that comes out of this beer as well, but I don’t think its from micro’s, kinda feel like its from the blend of smoke and bourbon

Overall: win some and loose some huh?! This beer is drinkable, but not very enjoyable. I feel a pork shoulder coming in the near future for this.  5/10

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