Homegrown hop pale ale tasting


This last summer was my first attempt at growing hops.  I planted 3 hop plants in the spring, but only my magnum gave me any harvest. And the yield at that was pretty miserable, giving only 3.5 oz wet, which once dried, would be around than 1 oz.
Instead of worrying about drying so few hops, I thought it was time for my first wet hopped beer.  The end product turned out better than expected.

Bottled 9/23
Appearance: A light amber brown with hints of orange
Nose: citrusy upfront with hints of melon undertones, a nice malt background balances the citrus well
Mouthfeel: good carbonation light upfront with smooth lager characteristics
Flavor: great balance between the melon/hop flavor and the malt profile
Overall: one of the nicest pale ales I have ever tasted! Can’t wait for next harvest

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