Grapefruit IPA Tasting… the unexpected favorite


I am thirsty!

For the superbowl this year, I was given the opportunity to brew for a party. The giants won… which was cool.

I brought 3 different beers, each in a different style.  One being a cream ale (4.3%), a coffee/chocolate porter (5.8%) and lastly, a big 7.5% Citrus IPA which was first wort hopped, and continuously hopped for the last 15 minutes of the boil, and then dry hopped, cough cough, it was a partial mash too.  I really thought no one was gonna dig the IPA. Once again, I am completely wrong when predicting other peoples likings.  I went through twice as much of this beer, and here is the tasting:


Appearance: cloudy and hop party – cles abound (did I use irish moss? nope!).  A dark orange/light brown color.

Nose: Soft but significant nose, Citrus, lemon, orange and a pleasant flower scent that was reminiscent of dandelions (that’s an idea to come back too in the future…)

Taste:  a smooth easy start to a big flavor beer. Malty beginning with a citrus mid flavor.  lemon and orange. the finish tasted like the rind of a grapefruit, with a nice tight bitterness and a dry finish

Mouthfeel: a big round beer with a dry sharp finish

Overall: 8.75 /10.  great beer! Irish moss is a must next time, but the chunkiness of the hops really gives a unique experience.  I must make more immediately!

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    • the hop schedule was a bit much… here it is!
      citra 1 oz = first wort hopped
      a blend of:
      1 oz warrior
      1 oz citra
      1 oz galaxy

      continuous hopped for the last 15 min

      then dry hopped with 1 ounce each of warrior and pacific gem

      no grapefruit was used my man!

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