OH NO! My sour cask wants to be a volcano?!?!


I’m not sure if it is the teaching, the brewing, or just “grown up” instinct, but I’ve become accustomed to hearing loud noises and running directly toward the sound.  This reaction has proved to be tremendously valuable .  Last week I saved my clothes from a growler that felt like becoming a bottle bomb in my closet. While today, I was lucky enough to be in front of my computer when my recently inoculated (Roeselare Blend from Wyeast) and filled cask started going off like a second grade science project. This makes sense, but I’m surprised at the force that the beer was coming out with.  If you have ever taped a keg of beer, without realizing that the tap was not connected to the disconnect, that’s the pressure I’m talking about. Cask volcano will now be the artwork for this beer!  I fixed the problem by using some duct tape to barely hold the cork in place (I don’t have an airlock that will fit) emptying out some of the beer and putting the whole cask in a styrofoam cooler.  BTW, friends that order Omaha Steaks are great to know if you’re a homebrewer.


problem solved! until an airlock comes to me...

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  1. To use fruits you would want to puree them in a blndeer first, then stir them into the wort after the HME. Mr. Beer recommends canned fruit in syrup for cider recipes. If you’re adding fruit to beer I think canned fruit in water would be fine, since you don’t want to increase ABV with more sugar, just impart the flavor of the fruit. I made a hard cider how-to video using added fruits. You can find it at their site. There is a link to the How-To Videos at the bottom of the main page.

    • thanks for the comment. I personally avoid canned anything whenever possible. I made a puree from the figs and blackberries which I had cooked for about 20 min (pasteurized!), then threw them into the cask. I have no problem increasing the ABV when I do this, I just should have used an airlock on the cask. Any fruits that are local are GREAT to make your own puree with for ciders, simply freeze the fruit, cook them, then blend them. take care!

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