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Simcoe Single Hopped Vienna Lager


I’ve finally made it to the last version of the Vienna Lager that I have been tasting.  This was a single hopped Simcoe Ale that was the second runnings from my grains.  I added some table sugar and dried malt extract to get the original gravity up to 1.050 with a whole ounce of Simcoe added throughout the boil for a one gallon batch, which would make the IBU’s around a billion… roughly. I also used bohemian Lager yeast from Wyeast, which can be fermentated at warmer temps without the nasty, weird flavors that lager yeasts produce when warm.  What came out of this beer was something quiet pleasant, for someone other than myself.  A really nice American IPA with all the characteristics that make hop heads happy.  Pine and resin and bitterness galore.  Hop heads not like me of course… I didn’t like this beer and I don’t like this style or flavor, but whatever, it still tastes good.



Appearance: A slight haze with an amber brown color

Nose: A calm mild malt and orange scent.

Taste:  A significant Simcoe dank hoppy flavor that is restrained by the malts, but the hops still shine through the sweetness.  A bitter hop flavor lingers long after the beer

Mouthfeel: Light bodied with a smooth finish, the carbonation is a little low

Overall: a good American IPA.  The lager yeast made a smooth and neutral flavor profile.  7.5 / 10 (would be higher if I dug this type of beer)



Peat Smoked Vienna Lager aged in a Scotch Cask


This was my first attempt at making a smokey scotch influence lager.  It was bottled October 16, 2011 and has aged wonderfully.

Scotch Cask Aged Peat Smoked Vienna Lager

Appearance: A honey brown color with a light tan head.  It is cloudy, but It seems that the cask aging does this to every beer.

Nose: A slight smoke and malt nose.  Very light and pleasant

Taste:  A bread/malty beginning fading into smoke and malt.  A very crisp finish with a smooth and distinct flavor.  At about 6% ABV, this is a beer that can be easily drunk and well as sipped

Mouthfeel: High carbonation but very smooth

Overall: A great balanced beer with a very nice light body and just the right amount of smoke


Blanton’s Cask Brown Ale


I knew this day would come…..

Blanton’s Brown Ale

After the better part of a year dealing/working with casks, I think I finally made a great beer.  Everything seemed to work just right with this batch.  The brew was a collaboration with my friend Simon, the cask was finally calming down with flavor profile, and it was January and Feb, perfect months for barrel aging in a Brooklyn apartment.

Here it goes, one of my favorite beers to date, even had a  hard time bottling it up to save for aging.

Appearance:  a huge thick tan head.  The color is completely black with a dark brown hue

Nose: A pleasant blend of oak, vanilla, and roastiness. A full dark chocolate flavor undertone

Flavor:  a smooth rise of chocolate with a complex creaminess, it all tasted kinda like a chocolate bourbon oak milkshake, but still had a brown ale taste.  Just a tad sharp from carbonation. totally nice beer to drink

mouthfeel: a big but balanced beer with a complicated mouth, finishes nicely with an oak and chocolate memory

overall: yeessss. make. this. again. but….. WHAT IS THE RECIPE?! time to dig up my brew log

9.4/ 10 : best beer so far on the blog