HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeast classes, new apartment, new brew setup


today marks a brand new year, and with that number change, I have also experienced many personal changes to go along with it.

First off, I am teaching my first brewing classes at Brooklyn Homebrew this month.  They are going to be focused on practical understanding and application of yeast in our own homebrewers.  I’m tremendously excited for this, but also very nervous.  Adults are a different world than teenagers, I just hope the lessons I learned for teenagers will still work on adults.

check out the classes here:


I’m doing 3 classes this month, and hopefully many more in the future.  I am also planning on reworking this blog for the class as well, so… many changes to come

Secondly:  NEW APARTMENT! I recently moved into my new apartment with my girlfriend and I am finally getting my brewing schedule in order. I also picked up a new chest freezer, so I now have 4 fridges devoted to brewing! I can’t wait to start lagering.

Thirdly:  I think I have finally finished my pale ale and brown recipe (thanks simon!) both with be posted in full detail asap.

Lastly: Happy new year everybody.

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  1. Adults are easier.
    They generally have more background knowledge and feel ashamed to ask stupid questions (unless they’re THAT kind of person). Though I only ever taught undergrad biochemistry and tutored graduate molecular biology so background level in those groups was…
    Anyway, good on you!
    Feel free to use articles or whatever else from my blog to help with your class.

  2. Yeah, it was tough teaching classes at BK Homebrew at first, but then I realized that these people are here to learn about a hobby that’s fun and interesting so it’s not like teaching people who are “forced” to be there. And ultimately, you just have to convince yourself that you’re qualified and know more than your students! And if you don’t know the answer to a tough question (or easy one) take their e-mail address, research it and get back to them. You’re gonna do great!

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