Cask #1 (Scotch): Scotch Ale, put in December 1st

Cask #2 (Evan Bourbon) : Scotch Ale

Cask #3 (Blanton’s Bourbon): Brown Ale, put in December 7th

Cask #4 (Rye): Brown Ale

All casks are 2.5 gallon (10 liter) oak barrels

Cask #1 (Scotch Cask)
This barrel was aged with Bowmore’s scotch for 3 months

Cask #2 (Bourbon Cask)
Aged this cask with 3 bottles of Evan Williams bourbon for 5 months

Cask #3 (Bourbon Cask)
Aged this cask with 3 bottles of Blanton’s bourbon for 5 months

Cask #4 (Canadian rye whiskey cask)
This was the first cask that i picked up. It was the product of a very clear minded decision made at a bourbon festival in Manhattan. Fleischmann’s rye was the first booze used. aged for about 3 months with about 2 liters of Rye. Aged a big stout for about 2 weeks in it, then put another 3 bottles of Pendleton Rye into the cask for about 5 months.


February 7, 2012- UPDATE

November 26, 2011 Casks #1 and #2 – Spiced cider, Cask #3 (Evan Bourbon) – 15 min Sorachi Ace IPA, Cask #4 (Rye cask) – Cirtus IPA with warrior, citra, and pacific gem.

November 22, 2011 – Cask #1 – Rauch Bier, Cask #2 – Rauch Bier, Cask #3 – Belgian Wit, Cask #4 – Belgian Wit