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Brown ale tasting: Temp controlled Plain vs no temp plain vs Rye cask vs Blantons cask


Brown ale tasting

This is a tasting for the first brew that me and a buddy of mine brewed together.  Its a nice big Brown Ale that really has alot of character.  The batches were split between our apartments, so my friend kept his at a set temperature (if I recall correctly, I think he said 66 F).  On his beer, he also added some coffee and vanilla to the secondary. For my 5 gallons, I left the beer to ferment at room temp and then through the beer into two casks (not before bottling 2 oakless beers). here are all of the beers tasted next to each other.  The cask beer were not bottled and were tasted directly from the cask.

Plain (no temp control)
Appearance: dark brown/ black
Nose: roasty maltly, some cocoa, a slight sulfur aspect with an orange essence
Taste:malt upfront followed by a dry quick finish. A light chocolate essence throughout
Mouthfeel: low carbonation

Everything Butt British Brown Ale (temp controlled, with addition of coffee and vanilla)
Appearance: very black, probably due to coffee addition
Nose:black coffee, roasty, but smooth malt in the background
Taste: light coffee upfront followed by a quick blast of vanilla, then dry finish
Mouthfeel: a nice roasty bitterness, the a quick dry finish
Overall: 7.5/10

Rye cask: straight from cask
Appearance: full dark brown
Nose: maple syrup, caramel, rye but more oak
Taste: dry, mild wood, no significant sweetness
Mouthfeel: dry and a bit tart
Overall:8/10, needs age

Blanton’s cask
Appearance: light brown, clear
Nose: big oak maple syrup, with a slight citrus tinge
Taste: the oak is big, but a tawny, winey aspect is there too, significant bourbon flavor
Mouthfeel: a quick start and a long finish
Overall:7.7/10 must age,